Mobbed by Maiden Moments

I don't think this made national news, but lately Philly has had problems with mobs of teenagers showing up and making messes at certain public venues. (Not my students, thank heaven.)

Me, I'm getting hit with one "hey, you're single" reminder after another.

One teacher kept calling me "Mrs." every time she referred to me as she talked to her classes (three in a row).

Right after 8th period today, one of the science teachers, a substitute for a teacher on maternity leave, came in to the library to borrow a laptop. My co-librarian took him to the front laptop cart to sign one out to him because our one library aide was busy walking around shutting down our many desktop PCs. When my co-librarian was done, she walked back into the office, where I was taking care of some things.

At that point, the aide is right on the other side of the office windows and she calls through the windows, "Did you ask Kate?"

"Ask Kate what?" replies my co-librarian.

"You know!" She's gesturing grandly in the direction of front door where the tall, dark and handsome teacher who just borrowed a laptop had exited.

I knew where she was going. "Married!" I yelled back. I'd met him at the faculty happy hour right after he'd started back in December. "They're all freakin' married!" (What? It's true. There are maybe two straight single men in the entire faculty. In fact, the entire male contingent of the English department went from half single to all married and one engaged in just the past couple years. Must be the water.)

After school, I attended happy hour (first one not to be canceled by snow in over a month). The organizer, one of the math teachers, revealed that his longtime girlfriend will be moving into the house he recently bought come summer. He's eight years younger than I am. I hope my "I'm happy for you" smile didn't look too forced.

Did I mention that almost the entire time, I was sitting next to the science teacher I kind of like? I have no idea how old he is or if he'd be even remotely interested in me. But we had a funny conversation about digital natives and teaching technology to mom and dad. . . and now I have an excuse to follow up with him because he said he'd give me a URL for something else interesting along those lines. I think.

Then I get home and there's an e-mail from my mom apologizing for making me feel invisible/too visible because of this article. (Don't read the comments; they're really negative.) Not that she has, really. She just really really really thinks my sister and I are terrific. (And wants us married off. O.K., I'm paraphrasing here.)

Maybe I set something off the other day.

This article about Seraphic's new book was of some timely comfort.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go practice this song because tomorrow I have to sing it at a ceremony after which two more people won't be single anymore.


Amy Giglio said…
Kate, I believe that ritual will help you to be open to new things. I'm sorry that people have intentionally (or not) made you feel badly about where you are right now. But you can know that you are exactly where He wants you to be and things will move in His time and when it's right for you. Love ya!
Kate P said…
You are the sweetest, Amy dear. :)
Kate, that has to be frustrating. I've been married since I was 21, and even so I am aware of other women being bombarded by these kinds of things. Or going to church on Mother's Day and having to sit there while all mothers are invited to stand and be applauded. And then stupid men on the internet talking about how all women who are not crap are already taken, "women" meaning "females who could pose for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue".

: (

Talk to the science teacher! He may be shy and not able to initiate anything! Even if he is not ultimately the one, if you get anything at all going with a man, all of a sudden your desirability to other men shoots up a thousand-fold - my daughter can attest to that.
Kate P said…
Laura, thank you for your compassionate words--there really are a lot of unintentionally awkward moments in life, aren't there?
Maybe I will run into the science teacher at our in-service tomorrow. :)

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