Misplaced Priority Spam

Subject Line: "Not having a luxury watch is terrible"

Are you kidding me, spamaroonie?

You'd get a lot more takers with "Cash 4 your luxury watch"


Angela Noelle said…
Ha! Oh wow... Yes, I've been trying to figure out why my life seems so incomplete. It must be that I don't have a Rolex!
Kate P said…
Hahahaha. That's right--don't adopt a dog, don't volunteer, don't bake cookies for your neighbor. . . get an expensive watch and all your sadness will go away!
Pammy pam said…
so THAT'S why i'm such a loser: i'd rather eat and pay my bills than buy a $6K watch. DUH!
Kate P said…
That's right, missy--get your priorities in order. The fancy watch comes first!

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