Is It a Do or a Don't?

1. A yellow paint job on a car.

2. Drinking straight from the orange juice carton.

3. Matching your socks to your mood.

Yeah, I have some big ponderings going on over here.


ccr in MA said…
1. It can be very cheery, but I find it a little aggressive if I'm not in the mood.

2. If you live alone and don't offer juice to guests (at least not without warning), why not?

3. The right socks can elevate my mood! I've never thought about the reverse, though. Hmmm.

One for you: my verification word is "wedium". Is that a sniglet for when your friend who's getting married can't talk about anything else?
Dave E. said…
1. My car? Shoot me. Others? Don't care.

2. Well, not if I lived with others for sure. Since I don't, I confess. However, I'm ethical about that if someone comes over and wants some.

3. Back when I wore suits to work I did that once in a while. Go ahead anyone, judge me.
Angela Noelle said…
1. Hm, I think it depends on the car!

2. The feel of paper cartons squicks me out, so I'd go with no.

3. Absolutely!
Kate P said…
CCR--yeah, what would "bad mood socks" look like? Ugly? Poorly knit? Holes?

Dave--Friends don't let friends buy yellow cars, huh?

Angela--O.K., what if the carton were one of those with a pour spout and cap? (Uh, hypothetically speaking. . . not that happen to have any in my fridge right at this moment. . .) Would that change your answer?
Cullen said…
1. Depends on the car. It's a great muscle car color.

2. No.

3. I own white and black socks. So ...
Annie Coe said…
1. Not a huge fan of yellow for anything other than flowers, but A yellow VW bug is okay.
2. Never!
3. I wear only black, but that does not mean I am in a black mood :-).
Dave E. said…
Cullen brings up a good point. I saw a newer Camero last year that was painted yellow that I would drive in a heartbeat. Your average non-muscle car though, no.
Amy Giglio said…
1. My husband says do for a sports car. I say why would you ruin a perfectly nice sports car by painting it yellow?

2. do. Only if you're the only one who drinks out of it.

3. do!
Kate P said…
Cullen--yeah, for a muscle car. Not a Chevy Cobalt-type deal, right? It just seemed. . . uh. . . overcompensating for. . . "inadequacy."

Annie--now you have me wondering if I've seen a VW bug in yellow. Maybe an old one. Hmmmm.

Amy--the car thing sounds like a Rita Rudner routine. LOL! :)

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