This Week Kicked My Butt

Monday, I got nothing done because I switched to a pilates class that night so I could attend the school musical on Wednesday (usual class night). Then I sat around waiting for a phone call about a side job I'm starting. . . and the phone call never came.

Tuesday I spent getting errands done that I'd intended to take care of Monday.

Wednesday, instead of going home after school, the teacher friend who was going with me to the musical suggested we do shopping and dinner first. I scored a kitchen cart (originally $100) and a queen sized fleece blanket for under $70. The musical ran late, which shouldn't have mattered, because. . .

Thursday I got to sleep in late and hit the post office prior to going in for parent/teacher conferences. We librarians have a district meeting, and I was not happy with the discussion of what could happen to my position if the person for whom I'm subbing decides not to come back. In spite of the fact that recent documents from the school board said that dropping the position was a rejected budget cut proposal. It really bothered me that some people are telling me to hang in there and others (well, one other so far) are telling me start looking. That whole conversation is still bothering me today.

Friday, well, after having to be at school until after 8 doesn't make it easy to get up for a teacher in-service the next morning. Nor do the antics of a certain Outspoken Calico at 3:45 a.m.
I wound up sleeping through my alarm and barely made it to school on time. The morning went all right; I was doing an informal presentation on databases at the top of the day and had a better than expected turnout--but the afternoon went by way too fast and a needy non-tech-y teacher sucked up quite a bit of the time I'd set aside to get some things done that I can't when there are a zillion kids in the library. I went home with a blinding headache that put me out of commission for the remainder of the day.

Today was crazy. There was a training meeting for my new side job, but the location was nearly an hour's drive. . . and every idiot seemed to be on the road. Yes, please pull out in front of me and drive 15 miles under the speed limit. Don't use your turn signals. Brake for no reason and hesitate at every intersection. Please. Arrgh! So I got to the training nearly 20 minutes late and missed out on some stuff. People on the road were just as bad on the way back. And I don't know how this whole thing is going to work, so it's just stressful.

Tomorrow, I can finally get to the last of the laundry after church and watch this week's movie.

I can hardly wait to start the new week.


ccr in MA said…
Ugh! My sympathies. No good very bad days are bad enough, but weeks? No fair.

I hope this week glistens with improvement.
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR. I hope so, too.

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