The Agony of (Scrabble) Defeat

I lost to my sister--my business-degreed baby sister--by 40 points.


Worst tiles ever.

In fact, at one point when it wasn't my turn, I needed to leave the table and said, "Don't look at my letters- On second thought, take a look and see if you can come up with anything."

We had two dictionary challenges (Mazda: nope, proper name from Zoroastrianism; and yup: did not appear in our dictionary) but neither one was mine. And yet I still managed to lose!

Even with a cool word like velour.

Oh well--at least there was chocolate cake.


Lizzie said…
Long-distance Scrabble is one of the only reasons I'm on Facebook.
ccr in MA said…
Velour is good! And chocolate cake is probably even better.
Cullen said…
I was reading a story the other day about how Scrabble has changed their rules and are now allowing proper nouns.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--yeah, I think that's how my sister improved her game!

CCR--it is a pretty powerful combination. ;)

Cullen--really? I hadn't heard that, but I would guess there would need to be another restriction in place, like no brand names or something, because the spelling could be all over the place with those. But then again, nowadays celebrities have weirdly spelled names, so. . . hmmmm.

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