I'm Getting to Be a Regular at Staples (Again)

Yesterday's interview went pretty well, once I figured out how to get inside the building. The problem with working at an open campus is that you forget most other schools lock their front doors and require you to ring a bell to get in. So after that mild embarrassment of using my cell to call and confirm which door was the entrance to the building (the one with the bell and intercom, dummy), I did the whole application and interview thing. Nice people. I think they secretly found it endearing that I couldn't get in the front door.

This was at a private school, for the middle grades, and one advantage I have--that I totally forgot about--was that this school is a feeder school for my high school and has been since before I went there. As in some of my high school classmates went there. So that gave me a chance to brag about my being a scholarship kid there. (This has been a sticking point with us librarians lately, that we don't blow our own horns enough when it comes to who we are, what we do, what libraries do, etc.) Oh, and the rest of my Solid Christian Upbringing came in handy, too.

I don't know if it's enough to compensate for the fact that I haven't done as much teaching at that grade level as I have high school, but I have a good feeling I will make it to Round Two. Just as soon as I knock out this thank-you letter and get out the door to do my faxing and mailing.

The whole not-going-back-to-school thing hits me every once in a while--stuff like Where do I get health insurance and Where are the jobs and It's scary to be starting over, and of course the sting of rejection--but it feels too pathetic to cry alone, and I have too much to get done, so I have to just keep on working and try to salvage something of my so-called summer vacation.

At least it has some time to get better.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, feeling good about an interview is such a good sign! (Unless it's just relief that it's over: trust me, I've been there.) Fingers firmly crossed for you.

If it comes down to it, we can cry over the health insurance thing together. Isn't it awful that such nonsense is so important?
Annie Coe said…
Good luck kate, I so hope you get this job! xoxo
Kate P said…
CCR--I know, if I didn't need to cross the street I would totally forgo the health insurance. What a pain!

Annie--thanks! I'll take just about anything at this point if it's decent.

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