I decided to be up front with my principal and ask to leave early. She's in the middle of chaos (long story for another time but let's just say the budget got voted on earlier this week and there is FALLOUT) so I e-mailed and said sorry for the short notice, but I got called in for an interview and needed to leave early.

"No problem," she wrote back. "Best of luck."

There ya go.

The principal was being held up by some really long meeting (probably being run by the superintendent or curriculum supervisors or something). I had been waiting about fifteen minutes when she came out and apologized. . . and said it looked as if it would be another half-hour, easily, so could I reschedule?

Well, at least I got to see where the school is and meet some of the faculty as they were seeing the last of the kids onto the bus and grabbing things from the principal's office. One of them said she liked my red purse (courtesy of Dr. Red).

I dunno. I'm almost afraid to admit I got decent vibes from the visit. Yeah, yeah, it still took me 45 minutes to get there, and it's wall-to-wall little kids, and I haven't seen the library yet, but. . . not awful.

I guess I'll know a little better Friday morning. I am tempted to pretend it's a different interview just to make my school think I'm in high demand.


Dave E. said…
I'm glad to see you went through with the interview, even if it had to be postponed. It's good practice, a chance to maybe make some contacts, and who knows, you may even get some good vibes. ;)

There have been a few times, right on the heels of disappointment, that I've missed what was a really a great opportunity until somebody pointed it out to me. I'm not saying that the elementary school is one of those situations for you, just urging you to keep an open mind. It's all going to work out.
ccr in MA said…
Baby steps. I really do believe that mostly we end up where we should be (though it doesn't always seem like it at the time).

All-purpose advice: just keep breathing!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you didn't find it awful. (I even de-lurked to say so. :) Best of luck with the postponed interview--I'll be praying for you.
Angela Noelle said…
Maybe that was exactly the introduction to the school you needed. Now you'll be able to go into the interview with a more positive outlook, and that is sure to shine through! Good luck :)
Kate P said…
Dave--yeah, you know, it occurred to me that it really is a surprise they are considering me. . . between my lack of experience and my having worked in a high school, how many districts are going to give my resume' a second glance? NOT MANY. (Plus I got to wear my suit to work and make all the faculty curious.)

CCR--that's it, a day at a time, a breath at a time. :)

Charli--well, hi there! Thank you for the encouragement & prayers.

Angela--aw, thank you. The principal did tell me today she "liked my energy" when she first met me.

I'm in the top 3 of the candidates, and I hope this thank-you letter clinches that 3rd interview for me.

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