This Parody Will Get Stuck in Your Brain

Survived the interview--will discuss more later. Man, I have a backlog. I hate that. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, yesterday my co-librarian showed me a pretty cool video that the University of Washington iSchool made to promote its research services. Yeah, there are a few librarian stereotypes, including the standard dreads-wearing MLIS student (who is cute anyway), but then again, library rock star Nancy Pearl (yes, she has her own action figure) is also in there.

We were thinking about showing this to the incoming 9th-graders, but the large martini glass has given us pause. These are 13-14 year old kids we're educating. Maybe we can edit that part a bit.


Lizzie said…
That's hilarious. Go U-Dub!
Dave E. said…
Good video. They obviously had some fun with it.

Whether it's age appropriate for the incoming me. If that video had been shown when I was 13, the martini glass wouldn't have fazed a soul. The librarians swaying their hips? The whole community would have vapor-locked.

"Holy Mosess! Is that the library staff?
maggie said…
So, uh, guess what school Phillip is going to? But I bet he has NO idea who Nancy Pearl is. Alas.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--If I didn't know better, I'd say you liked this school or something. ;)

Dave--you make a good point. Will have to think that one over.

Maggie--that would be kinda funny if he did know who she was! IS and LIS: same school but different wavelengths most of the time.
nightfly said…
Hahahaha, glad you found this! My wife showed this to me the other night. One of those things that makes me happy to have the Internet.
Kate P said…
Dude, that totally went viral, didn't it? I saw comments on it all over Twitter from librarians I follow.

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