Set Up

It was a mockery of an interview. . . a rejection disguised as a performance review disguised as an interview.

Apparently they were flooded with some stellar resumes, and I can't compete with more experienced candidates. I don't fit the picture they had in their minds for what probably will be my co-librarian's (sole) successor in a year or two. She knew, too--the minute I came upstairs and told her how hard they were on me, she said, "Yeah, I had a feeling they would be."

It was pretty hard to keep from crying the rest of the afternoon. I was hurt by their criticism (they brought up that last review as if it epitomized my entire year! WTF!?) and the "thanks for playing" compliments at the end. I'm sure the compliments were sincere, but thanking me for what I've done this past year pretty much signals the end.

Oh, and the advisement that they would be bringing the top candidates to the library at some point in the next couple of days so they could see the goings-on. They wouldn't be doing that if I were in the running.

My parting gift is that I have a prestigious school district on my resume'.

A broken heart, too.

I need a new school to love.

Here endeth JobQuest 2009.

Enter JobQuest 2010 in earnest.


Cullen said…
I feel for ya, Kate! It's their loss, too.

Just remember, you didn't get the job because you weren't supposed to. The right one is waiting for you and all that.
Lizzie said…
Aw, man. What a drag. They could have tried not to be stinkers about it. But! Bring on the good stuff! The next challenge. I'm sure you're equal to it.
ccr in MA said…
Oh, I'm so sorry! How stupid of them, and how hard for you. Be strong and keep the faith: somewhere out there is a much better position at a much better place.
Angela Noelle said…
Uuuuuugh :( Well, I just think they're making the stupidest decision possible. It's times like these though that I remind myself about windows opening when doors closed. I hope that you find an even better position now with a much more supportive environment.
nightfly said…
Crap. Sorry to hear that they went about it so dishonestly. Reminds me of Edward Eager's Half Magic - "It's unfair. It's sly." Yeah, been there - only in my case they refused even to let me interview because I didn't meet the newly-posted requirements. (At the time, I had been doing the job for 22 months.)

I don't have a magic wishing coin to wish you twice as many jobs as you hope for and can do wonderfully... but I wish it anyway. Even I managed to land on my feet! Keep after them and you'll lick 'em all.
Pammy pam said…
awwww F$$K!!! THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you'll find a better school with nicer mixing people.

Kate P said…
Thanks, guys. I am trying really hard to think that if the door closed there, then there's gotta be another door opening somewhere else.

Right now, though, I'm kicking myself that I signed up to proctor tests this morning. . . every time I'm there it just makes me think these are the last few days I'll be there. Arrrrgh.
Annie Coe said…
Late getting here, but Kate I am so sorry. I will just say that I KNOW there is a better job out there for you and a school that you can love. Hugs. xoxo
Dave E. said…
I'm really sorry to hear this, but hang in there and keep the faith, Kate. Even if it may sound a little trite or be of cold comfort right now, I really do believe these things happen for a good reason and it only means that there is something better out there waiting for you.

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