Today's Thoughts

1. Today was the first Sunday of the summer where my little chapel is closed and I have to go elsewhere for Mass. (Next weekend I get a two-fer because I'm cantoring at the other parish where I help out.) I went to Mass at a family parish in the next little town over. I'm not going to criticize; it's just different from where I'm used to going. (Not to mention a half-hour earlier.) One thing that is the same is that they have a statue of St. Joseph in the sanctuary, so I paid a little visit after Mass and had a talk with him (the saint, not the statue). About work--or lack thereof--and dads, and decent men, and chastity. I asked him to pray for all of the above for me. Never hurts to ask for help.

2. Today, in the U.S., anyway, is Father's Day. So I wish all the dads a happy day, I pray for those who are missing their dads today and all the dads who are missing their kids today. It's a sweet day for some, a bittersweet day for others, and a day some people would rather avoid. That's life in all its human brokenness, I guess. I will be taking my parents to a casual dinner later today; Mom says Dad went and got himself some sticky buns for brunch. The man is a party animal, I tell you. (That's another thing--it was weird I didn't have brunch with my parents, because we didn't go to Mass at the same place as usual.)

3. Today I also am trying to prepare myself for tomorrow. In the morning, there's a faculty breakfast that should be hilarious because one of the teachers plays the M.C. and gives out awards (real and humorous). I was warned that he does a recognition for the long-term subs as well, and I fear it will stir up my sadness at leaving, not to mention my resentment of the whole unceremonious "dumping." I really don't want to cry in front of 75 of my co-workers.

4. Lately I keep hearing things that remind me of my late friend J. I can't remember what the last one was, but a weird story about a musical based on Depeche Mode's music (6/19 entry) just came up on Twitter. . . she would have laughed pretty hard. And then done everything she could to see it, I'm sure.

5. Still working on finishing the questions you brave blogreaders posed. Sorry it's taking so long. And while I'm apologizing for that, sorry for just being on one big low-grade bummer lately. I mean, I have moments when I can laugh, but then there are other moments I don't think I can keep it together because suddenly I remember crazy stuff like needing to figure out what I'm going to do for health insurance. I know there are brighter days ahead. They're out there, somewhere.

At the very least, I get to sleep in Wednesday morning, so I'm looking forward to that.

Have a good week!


Angela Noelle said…
You're definitely allowed to be a little blue lately, and honestly, I think you're staying pretty positive all things considered. I hope that your breakfast goes well, and enjoy your sleep-in on Wednesday :)
Kate P said…
Thanks, Angela! Your encouragement is really sweet.

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