A Brief Post

Storms have been dogging my neck of the woods since yesterday, including really scary thunder and a power outage at 3 o'clock this morning. They've been going all evening and just when I thought I had a break they're starting up again. So I'll try to make this quick.

Please keep Nina and her family in your prayers and kind thoughts--her dad passed after a brave and at times mind-boggling battle with cancer. (Between this week and last, CCFOAD rolls right off my tongue. It sucks.) From what Nina's told us, he seemed like a really smart, cool guy and a great dad. Nina's headed to SC so please also pray for safe travels for her.

Also, a certain housemate who enjoys hunting and my cooking had a birthday yesterday. Happy eleventh, Shmoo. You're still as spunky as that cute ball of kittenfluff who bawled out the huge hapless golden retriever who tried to nuzzle you.

I want to respond to comments on the previous post, darn it--I can hardly wait for the storms to be over. But for now, I gotta shut things down and try to go to sleep.


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