Criminal Record: I Sort of Do Not Has It.

It was a surprise to receive a response from the State Police so quickly.

It was yet another surprise to open it and realize that, although addressed properly, the body of the report had my last name misspelled three times.

I guess I'll be making a phone call to the western part of the state tomorrow to see whether or not this report is valid. *sigh*

UPDATE 08/01/2008: The child abuse check report also came back with my name misspelled. This time it was my first name. I'm praying that my SSN will be enough to overcome these ridiculous typos, because all I got when I called about the criminal record was a recording telling me to leave a message. Yeah, as if that'll get returned pronto.


nightfly said…
They did an in-depth credit history and check when we took out our mortgage - I had to certify that I wasn't any of the three other people of my name in New Jersey who had defaults, judgments, and bankruptcy.

I didn't think there were that many people with my name.
Kate P said…
Even the middle name? Wow.

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