Random News Flash

I forgot to mention that Princess Shortcut (of the Thousand Excuses) did suffer some consequences on Monday morning. El Jefe indicated some displeasure, by e-mail, with a "cc" to his boss; I only heard about it because she started spazzing on his admin (who is my only remaining ally in the department and also fed up with her antics). I am really surprised. Usually when she's not here and he finds out she screwed up, he acts all aggrieved in our presence but never gets around to saying anything to her.

Tonight my car hit the 70K mark. Big deal, you say? (Well, Ken would, at least.) This is the longest I've had a car. Six years--many more, I hope.

But the really important news is that I got an e-mail from my advisor saying my placement for my field experience in the Fall is all set up. I now have the official dates. And a background check requirement. Whoopee!

I think I finally stopped holding my breath.


Anonymous said…
Yay! I know it must feel great to have that tied up.
I ran into friend/local lawyer/possible future boss yesterday and got the "So where are you going to law school?" I have no idea. The school I really like is mid third tier and more expensive than the local 1st tier schools. It's small and and very connected with some of the programs I'm interested in. So I don't know.
Lizzie said…
Woo hoo! Yay for a more solidified next step!! That has to feel good.
nightfly said…
Huzzahs are in order!
Maggie May said…
Congrats, Kate! Great news! I hope this makes you breathe a little easier.
Kate P said…
A.C.22--Thanks, it is, as Lizzie (thank you!) says, nice to be able to move on to the "next step." Good luck with your decision--you seem like a smart cookie so hopefully you can swing whatever gives you the best education. (I seem to hang with a lot of legal types. . .)

'Fly & MM--thanks. The past month and a half have been soooo lonnnng. :)

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