The Friday Five: Tax Not Included

Today I found out I did something a little stupid, and it's gonna cost me. I got a letter from the company that manages collection of the local taxes where I used to live, and. . . I forgot to file the year-end return. I'd been paying (ridiculously high) taxes (for a really horrible school district) every quarter, but somehow the final return form they sent me got lost in the shuffle, probably when I was getting ready to move, and they didn't get their lousy piece of paper saying I don't owe them anything.

So now I have to send them their lousy piece of paper saying I don't owe them anyything, along with a $20.00 penalty.

I'm not sure if I'm more annoyed with them or with myself right now.

So I guess I'll be writing a check for that this week. *sigh* Here are some other odd things on which I spent my hard-earned money this week:

1. A bottle of wine for my dad's birthday: $7.99 (The nice older gentleman at the liquor store counter gave me two shiny booze bags for free! 'Cause I'm cute! At least that's what I'm telling myself!)

2. A nicoise salad for dinner Tuesday night: $7.49 (The birthday cat requested tuna.)

3. TB test: $19.50 (I know, ewwww. It keeps on giving--I have to go back Monday to get the injection site checked and a piece of paper saying I won't infect any kids I see in school this fall.)

4. Some dishwasher gel-pack things: $3.79 (I'm trying to see if changing detergent will change the recent development where my dishes come out with white stuff all over them. Experiments are fun.)

5. Seltzer water, lemon-lime flavor: $0.89 (to mix up the drink recipe mentioned in my guest post at Nina's)

Look at all that crazy spending. Good thing I got paid today.


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