I'm Back, and I'm Meme-ing

Thanks for the kind words and (I'm sure) prayers during the past few days. The funeral went O.K., and thankfully no one passed out from the heat at the cemetery or got shot by the elderly Catholic war vets doing the 21-gun salute. (God bless 'em, but yikes. There seemed to be a little confusion going on there.) One of the funeral directors was very kind and held an umbrella over my SIL and my littlest nephew who was expressing his irritation at the heat with all the whine a four-month-old can muster. Pretty much nobody kept it together when the flag from Uncle D.'s casket was presented to the family. I know I felt that welling-up when the Army officer was folding the flag--we were getting to the final things. It's simultaneously beautiful, heartbreaking, and hopeful. And overwhelming. I pressed the red rose to my lips, and then pressed it to the casket.

After that, Mom, Younger Sister and I made a quick visit to the graves for Mom's grandmom, mom, and aunt. I always have a hard time finding them on my own. We had lunch, then I changed into shorts and a tee (it's been hot around here!) and went to get my fingerprinting done. It took me longer to get to the place than to get it done, and scanners are way cooler than ink pads.

We didn't really get the chance to catch our breaths much over the weekend--on Saturday I copied and mailed my background check request stuff, and had to cantor for the vigil Mass at the church where my dad sometimes helps out playing the organ (electronic piano, whatever it is) and do a ton of laundry. Yesterday (Sunday) was the only time my usual church is open this summer for a feast (and yes I cantored for that too, and processed around the locality behind a statue of Our Lady, and helped sing for benediction afterwards), then there was the birthday party for my niece. Overall, things went smoothly, thankfully. There was a brief panic when my dad decided to move one of the fans in the choir loft so it blew half my sheet music off the music cabinet right before Mass, but that was pretty much the worst. I am nursing a few blisters from the procession and a little bit of sunburn from both that and being out in my brother and SIL's backyard. It was nice to forget I was exhausted for a minute when I got a thank-you hug from the birthday girl. Four-year-olds love a dollar bill tucked in a card, apparently. (And that wasn't even the present!)

So I'm slowly getting up to speed again. Maybe the meme with which Seraphic Single tagged me will get things flowing blog-wise.

The Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six fellow bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the six blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

O.K., here goes.

1. Very often I catch myself singing harmony or backing vocals instead of the melody on the average rock song; I just unconsciously pick it out like buried treasure. (Weezer's "Pork and Beans" is one of the more recent examples.)

2. If I don't hang my keys on my doorknob, I'll lock myself out when I leave home.

3. Speaking of leaving home, I "count noses" before I leave. Well, just one pink nose in particular. (Translation: I make sure I know where the cat is before I close the door behind me and turn around to discover her skittering down the hallway toward that darn door to the stairwell that won't close all the way.)

4. I still haven't finished the first Harry Potter book--or The Hobbit, for that matter--and I keep forgetting to go back.

5. My understanding of economics, the stock market, and finances in general is so pitiful it's embarrassing.

6. Pressure really makes me bristle, and I don't like doing it to other people.

So in that vein, I'm not tagging. Feel free to do the meme if you'd like, fellow bloggers.


WordGirl said…
I'm glad it went well -- and that it's over. I know that was hard.

1) Yep!
3) Koshka tries to sneak out when my husband is at the front door. She often succeeds. But she never even attempts it with me. Puzzling. She is also "deaf" to his voice. He can call her and call her and she pays him no attention. All I have to do is whisper and she comes to me. Riot.
4) If you didn't love them enough to gobble them up immediately, leave them. That's my take anyway. I'm trying to take my own advice with "The Godfather" and just let it rot, not-quite-finished. But the sucker in me keeps thinking it will get better. I've read "The Hobbit" at least a dozen times, but I still eat it up every year on the re-read. [shrug] But it's not for everyone.
5) I can pay bills, balance my checkbook to the penny, and budget exceedingly well. Everything else is a fog. But really, that's all you need to know how to do. Call someone else to do that other stuff for you.
6) I like pressure. It gives me impetus to work harder. Or tell someone to back the hell off. It brings out the YAWP! in me.
Lizzie said…
What a weekend! So if not Harry Potter or Tolkein, what have you read lately that blows your socks off? I'm looking for some tips!
Ashley said…


I loved Harry Potter. LOVED. Not in a crazy way like some, but loved nonetheless. (Listen to them on CD if you commute! They're great)
Kate P said…
WG--I can't even do those three. I took freaking Calculus and my checkbook won't balance. Sad. As for pressure--more specifically, I don't like people pressuring me. Deadlines and challenges are motivating, but anyone breathing down my neck, especially about stupid stuff like "putting myself out there," can take a hike.

Lizzie--I have been having some LOL moments with Jen Lancaster's memoirs. Just finished the most recent, "Such a Pretty Fat," and I just about died when she was talking about public transportation (Chicago's sounds exactly like Philly's) and disgruntled people at Weight Watchers meetings.

Ashley--Yes, there were guns. Being fired by REALLY ELDERLY MEN who were DAZED IN THE FULL SUN 90 DEGREE HEAT IN THE CEMETERY. Now THAT's a burial.
Audiobooks, huh? Do you think there's an unabridged version?

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