TB: I Do Not Has It

It took me longer to get to the darn testing center after work than it did for the nice young woman to look at the almost-healed speck on my forearm, sign the "all clear" paper, and make me a photocopy to flash proudly at any school administration demanding proof.

I'm one step closer to being allowed around school students.

And, ohmygosh, I filled out an application form for graduation so that I will be bumped to the front of the (virtual) line for Fall registration.


I have the stupidest grin on my face right now.


nightfly said…
"Good news, everyone! You'll be making a delivery to Ebola 9, the Virus Planet - but we'll wait until tomorrow because tonight's a special night, and I want you all to be alive."
Lizzie said…
There's that light at the end of the tunnel! Woo Hoo!

And don't rub it in that Seattle's way far behind everyone else in the free world in terms of almost everything. I know this. It doesn't make it any more manageable. Sigh.
Kate P said…
'Fly--I love Futurama humor! I'm probably headed for Ebola9 when I set foot in the school! Yikes!

Lizzie--what can I say? My image of Seattle as this cool, current city has been shattered. Would it make you feel better to know that in these parts we can't buy booze at the grocery store?

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