Been a Little Too Exhausted to Update

I've been doing a lot of teaching these past few days, and I was the librarian-in-charge today because Dr. Red had a speaking engagement out of state. I will be attending an in-state one tomorrow morning--kinda nice because I don't have to be up quite as early as normal. It's a presentation with another faculty member/technology coach, and because they're both smart and funny, it should be really enjoyable. I saw a little of it in the revision stages this week and so far, so good.

Happy about this.

Also happy that, in spite of the fact that some students were making me a little crazy this week (had a senior who was the equivalent of Ricki's Rude Boy, ninth graders were freaking out about citations and MLA style--oh noes!), a lot of them were addressing me by name and asking for my help this afternoon. It was nice.

It was also nice that they didn't laugh when I had to stand on my tiptoes to use the SmartBoard during the lesson.


Dave E. said…
Congrats to the Phillies, they've really stood tall in the postseason so far. I'm impressed.
Kate P said…
This is starting to look like the team Philly wanted to believe it had, year after year, and was repeatedly disappointed. The postseason stuff has been really stunning to me. I think I'm finally getting Phillies Phever!

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