For the Phightin' Phils

O.K., I couldn't embed it, but do go enjoy the Phils' Fight Song by Canadian Invasion here. I heard it the other day on 'XPN (in between fundraising pitches) and over the PA system at school today. Last week one of the teachers was having t-shirts printed with the school name on the front and "Go Phils!" on the reverse. They came in this morning, and at least half the school (myself included) had them on. I ordered one for my sister--which was prescient considering there were no size smalls of any Phillies tees at the sporting goods store when she was here Saturday--and mailed it to her this afternoon. Having a lot of fun.

But I'm still too nervous to watch!


PomJob said…
I didn't catch the game last night, but it turned out well for the Phillies, did it? I was watching Jon & Kate Plus 8... they went to a Phillies game and Jon predicted the Phils would go to the World Series. He's psychic!
Kate P said…
I love poor henpecked Jon!

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