Check Your Halloween Candy Supply

Please tell me you're not giving out any of these.


Mr. Bingley said…
Oh yuck!

wv: "hester"
woohooo! a real word!
Dave E. said…
Gummy Body Parts? I had no idea. And I think the very idea of chocolate skittles is just wrong. I'd rather give out beef stew than either of those.

No, it will be the old standards at my house, just like always. That way if the trend of very few kids showing up continues I can eventually eat up the leftovers. Not to mention that me eating High School Musical Strawberry Pop Rockin' Candy is almost certainly one of the signs of the Apocalypse.
Kate P said…
Bingley--Hester? How. . . literary.

Dave--The picture of the gummy body part was sooooo creepy. As for the HSM candy, drink soda with 'em and you can put yourself out of your misery (as the urban legend goes).

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