I Can't Tell

Am I missing the high school library because I liked it there, or because I'm not adjusted to the new school yet?

UPDATE: You know, right now I am so angry with my program and my advisor/stand-in advisor/whoever is supposed to be helping me complete the freaking program. It took a casual mention of which certification test I'm taking next month on my class discussion board to have the thread blow up and have it brought to my attention that I still need to take an additional test. I don't know when I can take it, but that most likely means that my emergency registration (and hefty fees for doing so) most likely is in vain, because I can't get certified until I take the other test. Waiting for certification most likely means waiting to get a job. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.

Because I wasn't stressed out enough already, being in a new school this week.


Anonymous said…
Oh Kate,
I'm praying for you.
I do not know how many people I know who have gone through similar situations thanks to misinformation or lack of information from administrators/advisors in higher education.

"Am I missing the high school library because I liked it there, or because I'm not adjusted to the new school yet?"
I went through the same thing when I transferred last year. At one point, I missed the unique smell of the stairs at my previous college. It got better as I learned my way around.
Ugh, that is something I worry about so much--I depend so much on my advisors in my program telling me what to do because I get so confused about all of the different qualifications for all of the different states. I'm frustrated for you!
Ashley said…
Ooh, bummer!!

How annoying. Advisosrs too often stink at their job. :(
Lizzie said…
Booooo! Hang in there, girl.
Dave E. said…
Well, hang in there, I'm sure it will work out ok, as frustrating as it is right now.

BTW-Congrats to the Phils!
Kate P said…
Thanks, you guys. My response on the discussion thread got more reactions so I'm going to do a little update in a separate post.

Aside to Dave--long time coming, but yeah, good for the Phils!

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