The Friday Five, Late Evening Edition

Well, the poll didn't give me much insight as to the direction of my regular Friday post, but that's O.K. for now. For this week's Friday Five, I'm going to highlight five interesting links from the past week:

1. A new take on candy corn by Hannah at the Bittersweet Blog. Love it or hate it, you gotta admit those little handicrafts are clever.

2. Nightfly's prescient (?) LOLCat. (Most times cats just want to sleep on your newspaper or steal your pencil, in my experience.)

3. Ashley's sensitive ponderings on partisan behavior. I'm not crazy about the sheep comment, but otherwise a very thoughtful post. Coincidentally, I was wondering as I drove down the street today if neighbors with different signs on their lawns were speaking to one another. I think for the most part once the big excitement comes and goes, neighbors go back to saying "Hi" to each other and snowblowing each other's driveways or what-have-you. America's interesting that way.

4. Pom's dilemma: when lip gloss meets a Philly street.

5. The Weekend Woo by Tracey, who flexes her creative muscles once again, to our great amusement.

Wishing you a weekend that is more WOOOO!!! than woo.


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