The Friday Five, Centering Around a Certain Person's Birthday

It's my birthday this weekend, so I thought I'd take an interesting twist on the Friday Five. There are a number of databases and catalogs at the school library, and one of them, Historic Newspapers (from ProQuest, provider of databases yielding many an article for this grad student's schoolwork), has a neat function where you can plug in a date and find articles from several major newspapers on that day. When we did the library orientation for the eighth graders last month, they loved plugging in their birthdays (1995!) in this database. So here are five article titles from The New York Times on the day I was born:

1. "Ford Again Denies Fiscal Aid to City" (by Martin Tolchin). NYC in economic trouble. Hey, were they looking for. . . a bailout?

2. "Jets-Dolphins TV Hinges on Two Ifs" (author not provided, probably staff). The two ifs were related to the World Series, of course.

3. "Portugese Under Stress Keep Poise and Stoicism" (by Flora Lewis). Struggles with politics and communism. Heavy stuff.

4. "Remodeled A & S Tells What's in Store: A New Stress on Fashion" (by Isadore Barmash). I have a vague memory of A & S. Interesting that back then they were right behind Macy's as the top retailers in the city, but today Macy's is still here and A & S isn't. I remember when Macy's bought Bamberger's, but I can't remember who bought A & S.

5. "Search for Missing Jersey Woman Shifted to City" (by Joan Cook). She was last seen at her desk in a Manhattan office. They were trying to figure out if she never made it to the bus or if she got off at a different stop and then something bad happened. I wonder if they ever found her.

Much going on, good and bad, in the world at once--true then, and true today. Hope everything going on for your weekend is very, very good.


Mr. Bingley said…
Happy Birthday!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Bingley!!! :)
Ashley said…
Happy birthday!! :) Hope it was grand.
Dave E. said…
Happy Birthday, Kate. I hope you had a fun day. I love that Historic Newspapers idea. What a great way to get kids interested in researching things on the internet.
Anonymous said…
Hope your Birthday was fabulous!
I tried to comment over the weekend but blogger's open id thing decided it did not like me.
That historic newspapers is neat! One of the librarians here does the same thing with AP images when highschool students come through.
Kate P said…
Ashley--thank you! It was crazy but good. :)

Dave E.--thanks, and yes, it was fun. Even when we were waiting for the tow truck to come get my sister's car! (It's fixed now.)

A.C.22--Thanks and sorry about Blogger being mean to you. Hope that doesn't happen again. The kids here like AP Images, too.
Maggie May said…
Sorry I missed telling you happy birthday, Kate. Hope it was a great one!
Kate P said…
Aw, thanks, MM--yeah, it was one of the better ones I've had in quite a few years. :)

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