Monday's Roundup

We had a fire drill this morning. Disruption in the classes, of course (not to mention a real trial for one of the student teachers whose mentor teacher called in sick and forgot about the drill), but I understand why they're necessary. In one of the other school districts, a principal got in serious trouble for not doing the drills and then falsifying the drill reports this past year. What? Why? I just don't even understand how that person even thought of doing something like that.

In other weird news, I am doing horribly in my (former) office's football pool. I seriously can not pick them. Six wrong so far for the week. Six!? I've been floating at the top of the pack for the past several seasons, and I usually win one week. But this time around--what am I doing wrong? Is it that I'm not catching as many discussions on the radio as I normally do, owing to my different daytime schedule and the fact that many sports discussions have been taking a backseat to current political/economic events? Dunno.

I distracted myself from my football anguish by watching the "Troublemaker" video. The song is so catchy that I can forgive the "Who needs stupid books/They are for petty crooks" line. And check out all those nachos. I guess that explains the hair net.

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Anonymous said…
My university does those too. Although the only one I was around for the building I was in simply sounded the alarms unannounced and broke in to say it's a test. We all were certainly awake afterwards!
I was asked to be in a fantasy league but outside of my couple of teams I have no clue.

I really like Weezer but the video will not play. I will have to try from work later in the week.
Kate P said…
Yeah, I wouldn't survive in a fantasy football league but I know my brother looks forward to it every season--he asks my mom to watch the kids when the draft happens! (SIL demands equal playtime. . . no comment.)

Hope you get to see the giant nachos. :)

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