It's 6:30 and I'm Changing Back into School Clothes

My course requires me to attend at least one school board meeting. Tonight is my last chance for this school district (because I'll be done at the high school at the end of this week!), and I'd rather get it over with before the weather goes really bad. Beyond the annoying frost-scraping every morning now.

I've never been to a school board meeting. I hope there's coffee.


Amy Giglio said…
hm. I've never been either. Hope you don't get too bored.
Kate P said…
Hey, Amy! You're not gonna believe this--it was done in about half an hour--they sped through everything. Too bad they can't do them all like that, but it was really, really fortunate for me!
WordGirl said…
One of my friends is a media specialist and worked in the public school system (aka "the Gulags") for a few years. She recently left to pursue a much better job at a "media center" that is privately owned. The difference is night and day. She had to be on anti-depression medicine before because of all the pilitickin' and bueaucracy (sp?). Now? She's thinking she might retire at her current job she loves it so much.

God bless you hon. You're doing the work most Americans won't do. ;-)

WV: "pigeetr": a redneck at a BBQ
Kate P said…
WG--let's just say some school districts are waaaay better than others. No school is perfect but if the administration and the faculty are pretty good, it makes things a lot better. I do have some misgivings about the public school system, but I don't feel they're enough (right now) for me to rule them out. But I might be just as happy at a Friends (Quaker) school or something like that.

Heck, after my experience at the high school, I'm really not sure what level I'd be happiest teaching. It might come down to what's available.


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