A Day That Kept Getting More Interesting

Sunday, I'd planned Wednesday to go like this: haircut in the morning, post office visit, work at the library, pilates class, cook dinner.

Monday, the library asked me to switch Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning. No problem; more time to get things done in the afternoon.

Yesterday morning, it turned into rescheduling the hair appointment for Friday, post office if I got back in time to complete the paperwork I needed to mail, etc.

By 11:45 a.m. on the actual day, I rearranged once more.

10:05 a.m. The school district office I visited for my screening interview was located in an office complex. Even though I had to park at the far end of the section (which later I understood about--there were faculty workshops going on), it was early enough in the day, and milder than usual, that I didn't get too sweaty hiking over to the office.

When I checked in with the receptionist, she told me to take a seat. There were only three chairs, the outer two of which were occupied. By two men. I had a moment of sexist panic where I thought, "I can't compete against two men!" (I also was a little panicky when I saw they had portfolio cases and I'd been told to bring only a filled out application.) It was already 10:15 a.m. and I took advantage of the fact that the interviews were running late to calm myself down.

They called in the man to my right. The man to my left, who had gotten up to talk to someone, came back and asked if they wanted him to go back, too. I told him no. He took a seat again. After a couple minutes, I thought I'd break the ice, mostly to start talking and get my mind off anxious scenarios.

Turned out he was applying for another subject (as was the other man), and that he had been a long term sub for them this past school year. (No wonder everybody was saying "Hi" to him and commenting on the suit.) So I got a little bit of a rundown, and he had really great things to say about the school and the district--good information to have.)

When it was my turn to interview, I met some administrators and talked about hypothetical situations, also joked that my ideal library would have a coffeemaker. (I think that finally got the one serious person to smile.) Then I wrote an essay and took what looked like a Scantron version of a bipolar disorder exam, but I think it was just some sort of personality inventory. I'm a librarian, so I hope there's a curve for introverts.

After I had completed those two items, I thanked the assistant who administered them, and was about to leave when she told me to wait a moment, because she thought there was something else Ms. HR Lady had to tell me. I stood there, not sure what to expect but thinking I'd hear there was some other paperwork I owed them besides my undergrad transcript (which to me is practically ancient history but apparently that's more interesting than my graduate work).


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