Weird Convergence

So last night, after working till close at the library, I decided to pick up dinner, so I went for a bit of a drive. It was not a nice night--it has been hot and humid since the middle of last week--and I could see lightning in the distance. It made me reconsider the drive, but I decided to drive on.

The drive-thru was backed up, but it didn't really bother me. I turned up the radio as I waited, and a song came on that I recognized. It was "Not an Addict," by K's Choice. I think it was their only hit, and it made me think back to when it was burning up the local airwaves. I was in college, my second college, in Philly--it had to be, because there really weren't any radio stations that played modern rock in the area of my first college. (Yes, I transferred because the radio sucked. That's it.)

Then I realized that I'd had a conversation about the song with my late friend J. I can remember the exact place. We were standing in line outside of the fieldhouse, waiting to get in to a concert at my college. That was one thing we did a lot of together, even though we went to different schools--go to concerts. The school ones were great, because they were cheap. Anyway, I remembered part of the conversation was that I remarked, "It kinda sounded like Tori Amos."

At which point, the guy standing in front of me whipped around and snorted, "K's Choice doesn't sound anything like Tori Amos!"

I think both J. and I were a bit weirded out at that confrontation by a rabid Tori Amos fan. And later, amused. It was obvious he considered himself an expert on the topic, which of course excused him from the fact that we weren't talking to him.

This past Sunday, J. would've turned 34. I'd been thinking about her a lot lately. Last night, I was wearing a necklace she'd made for me. I'm not a frequent necklace-wearer, and the few I do have (and wear) have personal significance to them. Usually, they're gifts. So, for the song to come on--that was cool. It didn't make me sad. I think it's what my uncle would call a "visitation."

I've often thought she was DJ-ing from Heaven.


Anonymous said…
That's a really awesome story! A reminder that God does reach into our lives. Thank you for sharing it.
I've had a similar thing happen recently. It's comforting. Thanks for sharing it.
Dave E. said…
What Charli and Matthew said. I'm glad that it didn't make you sad, but brought up good memories. That's the way it should be I think.
Kate P said…
Charli--welcome! And thanks!

Matthew--Interesting that it happened to you, too. Always when we need it most, I think.

Dave--eh, it brought up both. Mostly good ones. Still sad we were fighting our personal battles on our own when she passed.

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