Wednesday Interview Wrap-Up

I didn't realize how long that post was getting--below is Part II. Part I is here.

When the assistant returned, she said, "Oh, yes, Ms. HR Lady wanted to talk to you." I was almost prepared to be let down easy but I thought that was done on paper normally (and yes I did get one of those from another district on Tuesday!). I went out to the main lobby where Ms. HR Lady was waiting and smiling her lovely smile.

She shook my hand and asked if I could go to the school for a second interview today at 1:45.

Trying not to show my shock, I said, "Certainly," but then I asked if they wanted to see anything like my portfolio (which of course I had not brought per her instructions). She replied that ideally they would, but she said they wanted to do as many interviews as they could in one day and understood that I didn't have enough time to go home and get it. Very fortuitous that my schedule had changed!

I looked up at the clock. It was 11:45 a.m. At that point, I needed lunch, badly. I'd been too nervous to eat much for breakfast. Luckily, the school wasn't far from my old job, so after I called my mom to give an update, I went over to one of my former lunch haunts (one pretty much not frequented by former office mates, so they wouldn't see me in my interview suit). It's a great people-watching place, so I ate, texted a quick update to a galpal, jotted notes, and enjoyed the surrounding activity. It calmed me down.

So, on to the school for what they called a "building interview." I took it to mean an interview at the actual building (as in being let through the door, maybe?). I met the principal and assistant principals, and also the head librarian--who knew Dr. Red (or at least knew of her). I thought I'd seen notation of a head librarian when I'd checked their website the other day, and to be honest, it was really great meeting her. She seemed really on-the-ball and someone with whom I'd easily work. She had to leave partway through the interview, but I got to see the library afterwards. Well, why not ask to see it, having had to answer a bunch of hypotheticals somewhat blindly? I figured they'd say no if they didn't want me to see it. But they did say yes, and before one of the assistant principals gave me the tour, the principal said they'd be touch with me, either way--and that while they weren't sure how many other prospects I had, in the event I got an offer from another school district that I was seriously considering, please would I let them know first?

Sounds promising, doesn't it?

The library looked great. Lots of room and resources for lots of activity. In hindsight, I realize this would be a great first school library job for me and secretly I'd hoped for a situation like this, working alongside a seasoned librarian. This is a long term sub position, but it's for the entire year, and in the event the person on leave decided not to come back and I'd proven myself valuable, it has the potential to become permanent.

I can't count my chickens before they're hatched, of course, but I think it's O.K. to say that I am thrilled with how the day went and what I saw and experienced. Here's hoping, if this is what's in the cards, that they take a chance on the unknown kid.

Gotta get those thank-you notes out first thing tomorrow. First, however, will be sleeping. It's been a long week so far.


Lizzie said…
Wheeee! sounds very promising! We'll say a prayer for you.
Dave E. said…
That does sound promising. It is obviously a very good sign that they sent you for the second interview the very same made a great impression. Good luck!
nightfly said…
Oh, good luck, Kate!
Amy Giglio said…
Wow! Good luck, Kate!
Cullen said…
Fingers are crossed!
Kate P said…
Thank you all for the well wishes & prayers! You guys are awesome. :)
After this:

"in the event I got an offer from another school district that I was seriously considering, please would I let them know first? "

if they don't offer you the job they are total jerks. I bet they offer you the job.
Kate P said…
I hope you are right, Laura!

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