Two Voicemails = Good Sign

You darling readers may have noticed I've been a little more on the quiet side lately, and mostly that's from freaking out offline about not having a full time job and my student health plan's imminent expiration and all that anxiety-inducing jazz. (Did I mention my mom's constant mantra of "Why don't you get on the substitute list?" Because they don't call in a substitute librarian for the day when they can get a classroom teacher to read to the kids instead, Mom. Please stop asking for advice from everyone and passing it along to me as if it were gospel.)

This morning, my schedule was a little mixed-up, as I'd been called in for a meeting with the architects working on the renovation. Normally I'm at the library in the afternoon so I can help any teens who come in (seriously, did you think they came in before noon in the summer? The ones that aren't working or at a camp, I mean) and then I head out to make it to pilates class. I went to the meeting, did some work on my summer program stuff--while witnessing several PC turf wars including one instigated by the Champ--and was done at 2:30.

When I got home, I noticed I had voicemail. "You have two messages!" said the automated lady's voice. There had been only one new number on the Caller I.D., and it was from the school district where I'd interviewed a couple weeks ago, so already I was intrigued.

First message: It's the principal. Would I please call her? Leaves the office number.

Second message: It's the principal again. She wanted to make sure I get hold of her, so here's her cell number.

Cell number!? I can't imagine she'd want to tell me bad news while she's at grocery store or whatever. Forget lunch--I had to call her immediately.

She wanted to know if I was still interested in the job, because they'd like to offer it to me.


They were forwarding their formal recommendation to the district today, and I should be getting a call to come in to sign paperwork pretty soon.

I'm not quite ready to declare JobQuest2009 officially over, because nothing's signed yet, but it's starting to hit me that I have a job for the upcoming school year.

I can't wait.

Except for the part where I have to tell my current employers I'm leaving.

Annnnd the angst is back. . .


Lindsay said…
congrats girl! fingers crossed for ya until the paper work is signed. ;) ...and yes well meaning but useless advice eventually just becomes grating I totally agree.
Dave E. said…
Dot the i's, cross the t's, make sure everything is firm...then whoohoo! Congratulations, Kate, I'm so happy for you.

I'm pretty sure you know how to handle the separation from your current, ahem, part-time job gracefully. You'll do fine and you have every right to accept something more than what they could offer. That's the way it goes and for heaven's sake do not feel like you need to feel bad about that.

Great news!
Kate P said…
Thanks, guys!
nightfly said…
Now that's the kind of angst I can get behind. Congratulations!

Amy Giglio said…
Great job, Kate!

Now, when you quit, resist the temptation to say, "See you all in hell, suckers!!!!!" This is what we would call bridge burning. Bridge burning is not good for anyone. ;)

But seriously, All you have to say is, "I have found full-time work. I am giving you two weeks' notice." And have a letter typed up, too. Do you have a contract that requires you to give more notice that 2 weeks? Mine requires 90 days (Can be shorter if my boss agrees).

So happy for you!
Cullen said…
This is fantastic news, Kate. So happy for you!

And Amy is completely correct. A simple, "Thank you for all you've done, I've found full-time employment ... yadda yadda" is good.
Maggie May said…
Great news, Kate! Celebrate!!!!
Kate P said…
Now that I have a minute to read and type:

Lindsay--thank you! Yeah, "grating" is a good word for it. So is "broken record."

Dave--you're right, I have to avoid feeling guilty. Thanks!

'Fly--thanks for supporting the angst! :)

Laura--thank you. You totally called it in the combox after the interview.

Amy--Hahahahaha, note to self: do not use "See you in hell" template for resignation letter. Thanks!

Cullen--thanks, and yes that's all I'm gonna say. In the letter. After which the floor will open up for discussion. Mark my words.

MM--thank you! Celebration on a budget tonight: Takeout dinner, one alcoholic beverage, and two rentals from Blockbuster. Because I need to laugh really hard!
Congratulations. Great news. Very happy for you.
Now you're going to get to deal with bratty children ALL DAY EVERY DAY who don't understand the dewey decimal system!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding. Congrats.

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