The Friday Five Wants Its Two Hours Back

1. Music and Lyrics: Once did it way, way better.

2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Older Brother was fired up about it and convinced me and Younger Sister to go, his treat. We walked out a bit shaken up.

3. Grease: I dunno, it just didn't do anything for me.

4. Matchstick Men: Maybe the book was better? Not that I feel particularly motivated to read it after having watched the movie. . .

5. The Truth about Cats & Dogs: My mom made the mistake of taking my two great-aunts to see it, after which my one great-aunt declared indignantly, "That movie was not about cats or dogs." At the same time, in another part of the country, I had to handle the awkward post-movie question from my college boyfriend: "Was that, you know, phone. . .???" Red flag. Maybe I knew too much at 19, but he knew too little at 26. He's out of the picture, but I'm still enjoying the great soundtrack CD.

Hope your weekend is two thumbs up!


Rob said…
1) Hardley remember a thing about it.

2) Still haven't seen but I generally loathe Hunter Thompson.

3) My younger twin sisters can recite this one but it never did much for me, either.

4) The movie was better than the book if that tells you anything.

5) Liked this but I'm a big Uma fan.
Rob said…
Hardly is what he meant to say.
Kate P said…
Well, that was it--Uma and everybody else in it--great cast, right? Lousy script!

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