She's Twelve Today

She has regularly scheduled standoffs with a horrible patio rodent.

A slightly ajar filing cabinet drawer keeps her occupied for an entire half hour.

(You may have noticed how tall she looks in that picture. It's no trick of the camera; she is that long.)

Tonight, she and I shared a hamburger for dinner, and afterwards I set up her birthday present. She hasn't ventured a drink yet, but she did mention she'd like to make a toast to the memory of blogfriend Nina's recently deceased cat, Cathead.

Despite being poked awake at 5 a.m. to feed her breakfast every morning, I enjoy every day I have with my cat. We'll have been together twelve years in September, but I think she acts hardly a day over five. She's probably the best roommate, ever.

I hope we have many more years together!


Amy Giglio said…
Happy Birthday, Cat!
Annie Coe said…
What a cool cat :-). Happy Birthday!
Poor Cathead, I loved him :-(.
Mr. Bingley said…
Happy Birthday!
nightfly said…
She's a great kitty. Hope she likes her present!
Lindsay said…
I loved this post. :o)
Kate P said…
The Cat says thank you! (Well, she blinked at me. It's kinda the same thing.)

I haven't seen her drink out of the fountain yet. She seems a bit unsure what to make of it.
Dave E. said…
Belated Happy Birthday, Cat!

Has she drunk of the fountain yet, Kate? I'm trying to imagine how my lab would react to something like that. It's a tossup between bark and whatever.
Kate P said…
No, she hasn't yet, Dave! She's still giving it the hairy eyeball.
I hope she has many happy returns of the day too.

We still miss our tomcat. They find their way into your heart, that's for sure.

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