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The state's education job site makes an applicant (such as myself) jump through all sorts of hoops in order to apply for jobs posted on the site. It would be far too easy to allow applicants to post their resumes--noooo, they want the bigger picture, so let's make everyone post about themselves piecemeal. Where did you go to school, and when? Let's see all your certification test scores! Here are six mini-essays to answer in 300 characters or less!

And the big one: We want to see if you can use full sentences and write coherently about a topic we give you--3000 characters or less!

I've had the worst writer's block in trying to answer the Big Essay Question--even trying to decide which of the topic choices I want to use--or about a week now.

There has been stalling. There has been staring. There has been purchasing of inspirational background music (from the local used CD shop) for writing, which may or may not be a veiled attempt to call upon my late friend who was my main writing support in high school/college and is probably too busy hanging out in the DJ booth of Heaven (with St. Cecilia) to hear my pleas.

Final desperate act: Change of scenery.

Before I went to work at the bookstore today--the first time I've been there in two weeks--I packed a snack. . . and the printout of the BEQ, folded over, with my official writing pen (blue ink for creativity) clipped to the page.

Maybe I didn't complete my response to the BEQ, but I did get outlines done for both of the two topics I thought I might choose. That's the other problem: too many choices.

But I think I'll just let that work itself out when I sit down to flesh out the outlines.



Lizzie said…
Ugh. I HATE those teaching application websites. They're such a pain in the rear, and I NEVER felt like they portrayed my intent or qualifications correctly no matter how many times I re-wrote them. Good luck with finishing it!
Lizzie said…
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Kate P said…
Yeah, Lizzie, I'm telling you they all read like trick questions.

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