The Friday Five: Take and Read

Sorry for posting so late--long, crazy day, but at least I got the haircut I'd rescheduled, and there's twenty more bucks in money orders going to the Commonwealth to prove, just like last summer, that I'm O.K. to be around kids. (You'll still read the Friday Five on Monday with your morning coffee, right?)

I'm a little low on substance lately, what with all the administrative stuff going on in the background, so this week I thought I'd point to five other places on the Web I've been enjoying lately:

1. Tests at Psychology Today. I took the "What Type of Smart Are You?" one (page 4) and it turns out I am the visual-spatial smart type. Neat.

2. Funny how a site about what's overheard at work involves a number of conversations really NSFW. Although these guys are kinda adorkable.

3. The Enchantment of Catastrophe, this past week's writing post by blogger/writer/writing coach Jen. Writing ain't all sunshine and rainbows, that's for sure.

4. Dave E.'s posts about Apollo 11. Now with cute b-day photo! (You at least have to go wish him a happy birthday, huh, please?)

5. Inside NASA--this was a cool look at NASA's astronaut training from a local perspective. (The astronaut in Part I spoke at my commencement.) The radio station had been broadcasting the audio of the segments every day, but I didn't catch one until this morning, the robotics one.

Well, the dishes need washing and I need to get some rest before supervising some teen volunteers at tomorrow's library event, so I'm on my way out for the night. Hope your weekend is outstanding!


Dave E. said…
I finally got a chance to look at those clips of your local boy who did good. Cool stuff. And thanks for not calling me adorkable. :)
Cullen said…
I was musical smart. Who knew? Well, I did, actually.
Kate P said…
Dave--glad you enjoyed it. (P.S. "Adorkable" is one of those double-edged words I just don't like. Didn't apply to your picture, anyway.)

Cullen--musical smart? Hmm, maybe that's a legit test there. . .

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