Prospective Job Interview Alert!!!

There was a phone message when I got home from work today--one of the applications I mailed out on Friday has garnered me a "screening interview." I have to call to schedule it, but it could be as early as Wednesday. Stay tuned, and please pray/think positive for me!


Dave E. said…
Woohoo! Doing that pray/think positive thing for you. You'll do fine, I know it.
Cullen said…
Good luck, Kate!
nightfly said…
Woot! Knock it out da box, Kate!
Good luck on the job interview. It was great meeting you today.

You're the first person I ever met in the real world who knew the blog.

My nine year old was impressed with me for a moment.
Good luck, Kate.

I wouldn't mind landing a job interview, myself, at the moment.
Kate P said…
Dave--thanks for the good mojo!

Cullen--thank you very much!

Amy G.--Thanks for the "Whoooo!"

'Fly--sports cheer for the librarian! Thanks!

Matthew--Thanks & it was thrilling to meet another blogger I knew, especially by chance. (I managed to impress my manager for a moment at the same time.) Your kids are really sweet!

Laura--Aw, thank you. Sending positive interview vibes your way. :)

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