Dear iPod,

Thank you for accompanying me on my 45-minute walk at the park today--it really helped motivate me and keep me going. Well, there was that one bobble where a screw-up in the playlist forced me to stop because I just couldn't believe I had put that Perry Farrell (a.ka. "Furry Apparel" to our late friend J.) song on there, but that was completely an error on my part.

I am so glad the new earbuds are working out--next I'll have to outfit you with a case or something to keep the scratches away! I am looking forward to another walk soon, even if it is not on my day off. In the meantime, I'll be updating the music library a little bit.

Until our next outing,

Kate P


Lizzie said…
What kind of iPod is it, prey tell?
Kate P said…
It's just a Nano. 8G. Blue. :) I bought "sweet little earbuds" from Staples last week when I picked up the flash drive for the library. The earbuds are smaller and much more comfortable than the standard issue.
Cullen said…
I'm not a big "furry apparel" fan sans Jane's Addiction, but I am a huge Jane's Addiction fan. I've got a bunch on my Blackberry and they're a channel on Pandora, but I get pissed whenever a "Prono" for Pyros song comes on Pandora. It's so very not like Jane's stuff.
Kate P said…
Yeah, Cullen, now that you mention it, "Jane Says" is one of those songs that I remember blasting while riding in my brother's car. But Furry Apparel does nothing for me solo or in side projects.

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