The Friday Five: Long Weekend Edition UPDATED!

Uhhh, because I have off Monday, today is really Friday, right?


Aw, I guess I should have known I can't fool you smarties.

I don't have much of an excuse for not posting Friday, except that I had two after-school meetings this week and then a Parents' Night on Thursday that had me out of the house from 6:25 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Went well (my co-librarian remarked yesterday morning that I had been "great with the parents") but it was a long day that set me up for a bad Friday. Including an embarrassing incident first period in the presence of the teacher I sort of have a crush on. Arrgh.

Please accept my apology and hear my plea to bear with me as I adjust to this new job. It's been a challenge trying to do my job at the same time I am learning the job and the culture. Lately I have been feeling a real lack of intimacy because I'm spending a lot of time with people I just don't know very well and I don't quite feel I can be myself, totally. I mean, I think they like me. . . the me that they know so far. I'm probably not explaining this very well, but I think you get the idea (especially if you are or know someone introverted).

Anyway--I'm in the middle of a long weekend! Woo-hoo! So here's what I'm going to attempt to accomplish this weekend:

1. Finish watching Season 2 of The Tudors. Blognerd/Jen's post got me hooked on the series and in spite of how graphic it can be at times (as in TMI boudoir action, and boy, they love a good decapitation), I don't know what I'm going to do when I come to the end of the last disc except count the days until Season 3 comes to the video store. Maybe catch up on Dollhouse, the other show Jen's been talking about--and I've been avoiding those posts because I managed to miss most of the episodes but had planned to see them eventually. (Oh, and perhaps enjoy these as my birthday present to myself. I'm such a stereotypical Libra.)

2. Finish reading Twenty Boy Summer. It's one of my overdue books from the library that I'm trying to get done ASAP. Uh, actually, when I returned the previous overdue book I finished, my former co-worker did a renewal override and "fixed" my account. But I'd still rather get it (and the other two I've had for a while) back on the shelves and available to other readers. Getting back to the current book that I'm trying to finish before 10/14: pretty good for the author's first novel, even if the premise is a little morally off for me, but I have one quibble that is not a spoiler: Seals in San Francisco? Aren't they supposed to be sea lions? I seem to recall that Tracey or some other West Coast blogger commented on sea lions out there. Seals and sea lions are hardly the same. It was something about how the narrator first got to SF and saw them and her heart bubbled over with how cute they were--and no offense to sea lions, but that paragraph was not gonna work with them in the visual. UPDATE 09/27/2009: Not until the reader gets to page 276 and the main characters are revisiting the "seal beach" is it specified that the animals are HARBOR SEALS. Now I get it--I saw a seal at the Jersey shore during a visit to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine (direct link not working but here is a reference) when I was a kid.

3. Get my car repair stuff in order so I can thank certain people and get my reimbursements underway. . . because naturally the credit card's billing cycle closed right after I charged the car repair, dammit.

4. Catch up on the e-mail I haven't gotten to read all week. (Not that I would check my personal e-mail much at school, but it sucks that there is no access, period.) But I missed some important stuff like "Dan Brown's 20 Worst Sentences."

5. Speaking of worst sentences, I have got to work on my writing. I woke up this morning around 8 but stayed in bed for about another hour while story ideas just seemed to pop into my head and take off. Just have to write it all out at some point. I've been pretty off track with my writing lately. And yet somehow I still feel as if I'm closer than ever to finishing one of my works.

It's about 10:30 p.m. right now, so I'd better keep going on this here list. Hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend (and I wish "an easy fast" to those who will be observing Yom Kippur shortly).


Lindsay said…
I absolutely hear you on how it's tiresome not being able to be yourself. Best fix: just be yourself. So much easier said than done, I know...I have to take my own advice!

Keep going on number 5!
Anonymous said…
I hope the job gets smoother as you go on. And I have to tell you that I enjoyed the Dan Brown link! XD
ccr in MA said…
When I started my current job last November, it felt really odd not to know anyone, or be known by them. It was hard to learn the work part of the job while feeling unsettled in the social aspect of it. And when my cat, Pan, died a couple of weeks later, I didn't even feel like I could talk about it to anyone, since they didn't know about him, or what he meant to me. It took a while for things to get more comfortable.

But they did! And they will for you, too. Introvert power!

(Love those coasters, too, fellow Libra.)
Kate P said…
Lindsay--we probably could start a "be yourself" support group, LOL! Thanks for the encouragement.

Charli--thank you! Yeah, wasn't that article funny (and eye-opening to us writers)?

CCR--Wow, that must have been doubly hard. I'm sorry but I'm glad it got better. That makes me feel hopeful. Yay, introverts! And Libras!

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