Trial by fire is one way of describing today at school. The network was down, so the other librarian and I had to conduct library orientation with the 9th graders (one class of 20-some and a couple classes of over 50) the best we could so they could learn how to log in to the network and get their student e-mail. Actually, for some reason, the students fared better logging in than most of the faculty and staff. Go figure. I even took the reins on one of the orientations and did O.K., so that was cool.

(You know what is NOT cool? The Enter key on my laptop is popping off. I had no idea my pinky strikes were that forceful, but after about three years I guess things start to get worn out. Is there a way to fix that?)

We are also in the middle of what I'm calling the "Great Toner Crisis of '09" at school. The minimum amount of toner was ordered at the end of the last school year, and it's not enough to power all the printing and copying that takes place at the beginning of the next school year! I get the impression that starting school before Labor Day has really thrown a lot of people off. (Newbies like me have not reference point, so we don't get that.)

And was it me, or was the weekend over way too fast? Even though I spent most of yesterday doing laundry at my parents' (what, they like having me come for dinner, and I do all their research) and reading the first half of the Red Blazer Girls. It's not a bad book so far, and the narrator is really funny, although for Catholic seventh graders the characters use quite a bit of vulgarity. Nevertheless, I can't wait to see how the mystery ends, and I hope the author is working on a sequel and/or starting a series.

That's about it for odds & ends, I think. Nothing new about the car (didn't expect it, anyway). Gotta rest up for more 9th grade orientation tomorrow (praying and thinking positively that the network will come back up and stay up).

Oh, and the one teacher I kind of have a crush on will be bringing his class for orientation. Yippee!


Lindsay said…
oooh how fun re the teacher you have a bit of a crush on.

Makes work a bit more fun at any rate!
Dave E. said…
With the caveat of be careful, you can see if this makes sense:


Laptop keyboards can widely vary though, so you may have to search for your specific model. It's been a few years since I've had to fix one, and that was a bit more of a puzzle than I expected.
Kate P said…
Lindsay--yeah, it's a nice break from students all over you because they can't print something out. :)

Dave--what? I have to pry off a perfectly working key in order to fix one that isn't? That just takes the cake. That said, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a shot.
Dave E. said…
Be careful, Kate. If the reason that the key pops off is that a retaining clip is missing, you may just need to order one and then the instructions should be in there when it gets to you. No need to risk a good key. If you think you have all of the parts but just don't know how they fit, then ok. Carefully. I've seen reasonably skilled people hork that up.

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