The Feline Sense of Smell Is a Curious Thing

Cat: MEOW!
Translation: I want something from this kitchen!

Me: I don't have anything--I made soup tonight. See--vegan!

Cat: MEOW!
Translation: There is something in this kitchen I want, and that's not it!

Me: I don't have anything! Oh, I give up. . .

The Cat hung around the kitchen complaining for a bit as I got ready to go run some errands.

When I stepped out into the hallway, I was hit by the smell of the chicken that one of my neighbors was roasting.

Poor kitty. Apartment living must be torture sometimes.


Lizzie said…
What a terrible tease! Sometimes I want to invite myself over to the neighbor's for dinner too.
ccr in MA said…
For myself, I'm never sure which is worse, a neighbor cooking something that smells delicious or that smells awful. The cats don't seem to notice.

I did have a cat once who thought that if you were cutting something up, it must be something she wanted. The number of times I protested, "It's green pepper! Smell it! Green pepper!"
Dave E. said…
Cats do seem to have some discrimination. Sammy pretty much wanted anything that was in the kitchen. Cooked, frozen, canned...meat, vegie, bread, it didn't matter. She would have driven me nuts if I lived in an apartment.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--that might explain why when the cat escapes (often when I'm going to the basement for laundry), she runs to each of my neighbors' doors and sniffs a lot! Desperately seeking dinner.

CCR--one of the main reasons I moved out of where I used to live was the way the neighbors' smelly cooking pervaded my entire living space. Yuck. But that is so funny how adamant the cat was, in spite of GREEN PEPPER!

Dave--I have a feeling Sammy would've made friends with the neighbors. Big time. Like Dennis the Menace and the Wilsons.

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