I Almost Forgot--the Car!

Really quick:

1. The dealer diagnosed the car exactly as my 20-something whiz kid mechanic had. The headgasket(s) is(are) blown and the car needs new valves/gaskets/seals/etc.

2. The dealer said they will fix it. On top of that, they will reimburse me for the rental (which I've had for a week now) and will discount the price of repairs.

3. They also are giving a 12 mo/12K mi warranty on parts & labor (so that gives me 12 months to save for a down payment on a new car. . .)

4. I should be getting the car back the middle of this coming week! I can hardly wait!!!


Lindsay said…
Elatedness abounds!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Lindsay, Amy, & Bingley! I am SUPER HAPPY to have my car back now.

My credit card, not so much.

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