Put Down the Milk Carton

I won't be appearing there just yet!

I'm sorry I kind of disappeared this week. Basically, every day this week I came home from school (or post-school errands), fed the cat, read my snail mail, ate dinner, passed out on the sofa and woke up only to put myself to bed. Just incredibly worn out. In slightly more detail:

Tuesday I picked up my all-fixed car. Yay! The people at the dealer were civil to me and while they couldn't be bothered to notice the torn-off mud guard sitting in my car and reattach it (nope!), they did let me use their phone to call the rental car place and notify them they could pick up their car. The great irony is that the repair bill was the exact same dollar amount as the first paycheck I received from my new job. But thankfully I just put it on my charge and will be submitting the receipt to the car company to be reimbursed for half. Oh, and my car is running great.

Wednesday I returned to the library for the first time since I left my job there. Everybody was pretty nice to me--said they missed me and asked how I liked my new job. They even forgave my overdue fines! The joy was short-lived when I got a call Saturday morning from someone at the library asking for the flash drive I'd used while there. It started out as "I was looking for a flash drive to save something for a patron" to "You didn't give it back when you left and do you know what you have saved on it?"
I don't have time for disingenuousness. I didn't really fail to give it back--nobody reminded me I had one to give back. Hell, nobody was THERE when I stayed late on my last day finishing things up and I wasn't crazy about leaving my set of keys on someone's desk. Also, I did NOT NOT NOT delete anything from my computer at the library other than e-mail, so I resent the implication from the second comment that I "took" anything and/or am holding out on some important document that isn't accessible on my old computer. It's all there. I don't have time to fish around for the stupid thing so I'm going to buy them a nice new empty flash drive and drop it off this week. Because if all this person really wants is another flash drive, that should be fine and I will withdraw my rant.
But I just really doubt it.

And really I should have just heeded the warning from the Caller ID that morning because I was trying to get out the door to pick up my mom to go down the Jersey shore for a small family reunion. Not only did the car handle the trip beautifully to transport both us and the all-important tomato pies (oh yeah and several pots of ride-mooching chili my aunt--yes, that aunt--made but forced my mom to take at the last minute because she claimed just was too busy to go) but also I went from "horseshoes rookie" to "horseshoes novice" as for the only time in our lives Older Brother and I partnered up for two games on the beach against our cousins. We were narrowly defeated but I think my cousins were impressed by my efforts, as it is generally known that I am not particularly gifted in the athletics and coordination departments.

Friday, I just have go back and note, I sliced up a monster tomato from my parents' garden to make a sandwich for dinner. It was delicious but seriously it was a monstermato. Check it out:

That should bring everybody up to speed for now. Too bad I'm still behind in cleaning my apartment, doing paperwork, working on my writing, making dinner, etc. And too bad I wasn't absent for any really exciting reason.

Oh, come on--at least one of you probably was wondering if I'd met somebody.

(Not yet. . . but my semi-crush said hi to me in the hallway this week. He was dressed down to go to the gym and he looked like a student, too, so we already have at least one thing in common. But I'd better shut up about this already before I sound totally pathetic.)


ccr in MA said…
I hate that Sunday-night feeling of all the things I didn't get done over the weekend.

But hey, Harold needed a lot of lap time. Kitty's still limping, after all, poor baby. He needs his mom!

Glad to hear your car is all better. Too bad for the recurring bad vibes from the library. Be strong!
Lizzie said…
Mmmmm, tomatoes! I have a bazillion from my garden, too. But none quite so freakishly large!
Cullen said…
Glad to hear about the car.

Daughter Number One devoured the Benedict Society book. I think she finished it in a day. Perhaps two. She's dying to get the second one now.

The boy loves the I Stink book and Daughter Number Two has read it to him a couple of times in addition to mommy and daddy.

Thanks again for those wonderful gifts. Hope your day is going well.
Mr. Bingley said…
Man, I lurve big honking tomaters like that. I just eat them like an apple!
Kate P said…
ccr--Thanks for the encouragement. Kitty lap time is never wasted time!!! And Sunday night dread is the worst. My uncle decided when he opened his medical practice that he wouldn't work on Mondays, just because of that.

Lizzie--I wonder, is it better to have a bunch of regular tomatoes, or just a few freakishly large ones???

Cullen--that just made my day to hear how much the kids are enjoying the books. Thank YOU!

Bingley--you know, it didn't cross my mind that I could eat it that way, until you mentioned it. But then again, it was bigger than any apples I'd ever seen, either!

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