You Can Quote Me on the Friday Five

1. Em: (to James) It's not worth getting knifed over a giant stuffed panda. (Adventureland--good movie. Great soundtrack.)

2. Mom: When we left the dealer after taking the car down there, it felt like. . . leaving a family friend at the funeral home.
Me: Yeah--a family friend who died too young.

3. Overheard while I was having dinner with my great-aunt and great-uncle at their retirement community--one of their elderly gentlemen neighbors approaches a table of senior couples dining: "Hello there, young lady!"
The average age of the ladies in the room was something around 79. And that was adding in the teenage servers. (At my table: 69.7)
Side note: It was kinda funny seeing a parking lot of motorized scooters outside the dining hall. Like valet parking for the silver set.

4. Upperclassmen at the table behind my desk (mixed company) got on the subject of using the public bathrooms after one boy complained about freshmen who don't "know the rules and won't give you any space." Heh heh.
Girl 1: [Some girl they all know] won't use the bathroom at [her boyfriend]'s house because she doesn't want her boyfriend to hear her pee. Isn't that stupid?
Girl 2: I'd do it. I can pee anywhere.
Girl 1: Except in a bush.
Girl 2: I was about to say that!

5. Mighty Maggie's quick take #7: ". . . before [my kids] turned into fish-shaped cheese-flavored crackers." They'd be in good company with my niece and middle nephew.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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