Because We All Need a Good Laugh Sometimes

Especially when you are halfway home and and realize that you left the flash drive with the letter of interest and personal statement that you've been revising plugged into the computer at your desk in the library. (Happily, my computer is well concealed under my desk so I am just praying and thinking positively that the flash drive will not get noticed and stolen by a student.).

Where was I? Oh, right--laughter. Well, then. . .

This poster should be hanging EVERYWHERE.

(Via Bookshelves of Doom.)


ccr in MA said…
Yes! I would like to set wolverine maulings on all the it's/its people.
Kate P said…
Like fingernails on a blackboard, isn't it?

Someone just tweeted something that said, "Here! Here!" and my blood pressure went up. Grrrrr.
Angela Noelle said…
Oh dear, I got sucked into the oatmeal one night and didn't make it back out for hours!! (PS Good luck on the job situation--how silly would they be to not snap you up?!?)
Funny poster.

"Myself" irks me. It's reflexive. How hard could it be?

I feel you on jumping through hoops. Seems like I did a ridiculous amount of that on my job search, and none of it got me anywhere. The job I just took, I was emailed about out of the blue, and after it was described to me I was asked what I needed to know in order to make a decision. It's like the 80/20 rule, only it's more like 99.99/0.01.
Kate P said…
Angela--It does seem really easy to get sucked into it! Funny stuff.

Laura--that sounds about right!

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