Before I Show You Some Pictures. . .

. . . let me remind you of a couple of things:

(1) My previous post was #500. Yippee!

(2) I'm opening up the "Ask Kate P" lines and taking your. . . well, not calls, but comments and e-mails for the next great "Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything" Q&A session. Ask here or ask at the original post, but make sure you ask so you get a chance to win my drawing for a super neato prize!

Now that
that business is out of the way, let's see what has been languishing in my camera since February.

Well, hey, it snowed back in February, and then it was so windy it brought down giant tree branches, sometimes narrowly missing parked cars:

And there was that certain day in February where I made myself dinner:

The awful mess outside my patio door from the stupid December waterproofing project (#2 on the list here) rose to new levels--or maybe sank to new lows--in April:

(Is that a Q-tip out there? OMG! Ew!!!)

Finally, here we have the First Pedicure of the (almost) Summer! Yay!!!

(O.K., you looked at pictures so now you have plenty of ideas for questions. Ask away.)


Dave E. said…
Pic #2: What? No hand-rolled chocolate truffles? Oh, the disappointment. ;)
ccr in MA said…
I was just thinking it was time for that first pedicure! Do you do your own, or have it done?
Kate P said…
Dave--it's not in the picture, but I had a cupcake!

CCR--do you want me to count that as your "Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything" question? ;)

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