Interesting Developments

I no longer have a ton of mud outside my patio door (nor a gaping hole as I did for a while in December--see #2). Now there is a slab of cement out there, surrounded by some mud (naturally).

Also, in between the new slab for my patio and the new slab for the people next door's patio, there is nascent landscaping! Mulch! Two small shrubs! A skinny young tree!

What else?

Rose bushes. Pretty pink ones. Awwww!!! St. Rita would be pleased about the timing. The whole front parking lot looks like the Dust Bowl in all the gusty wind we've had today, and there's still pretty much no privacy from the front parking lot (as I used to have from overgrown bushes), but at least things seem to be coming along.

In other news, my position was posted in the "Job Opportunities" section of the school district's website.


It took the one video production teacher with whom I am friendly (we went through orientation together) to come into the library Friday morning and show me on the circ desk computer for me to see it.


I guess this means they're not eliminating the position. Why they didn't mention it to me, especially when I saw one of the administrators on Monday, is a bit confusing to me.

This coming Monday morning, I'm meeting with the principal to discuss things and see what I need to do to indicate that I am interested in staying and they should keep me.

It's been challenging to avoid thinking about it.

Prayers and positive thoughts gratefully accepted.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, ow!

At my last company, my boss got called by a recruiter for her own job. Which she was told was not in jeopardy. Sick!

I hope your position works out well. Meanwhile, I'm glad you have roses.
Kate P said…
I wasn't feeling so much "ow" as "weird!" But thank you. I like the roses a lot, too! I'll have to take some pictures once I think it's safe to go out there.
Mr. Bingley said…
good luck kiddo!

I think with all the budget issues going on administrators are even more bumble-brained than usual.
Amy Giglio said…
Kate, Friday (maybe tomorrow) is the day to start your novena to St. Rita about the whole thing...

Kate P said…
Bingley--yeah, really feels like a budget/legal thing.

Amy G--thank you; I nearly forgot! She's on the hook for getting me into grad school in the first place. (She must still be working on the husband petition.)

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