A Post Full of Nothing

It is really, really cold here right now--about 50 degrees outside, and maybe 66-67 inside. The Cat is back to her winter behaviors, such as snuggling against the radiator and praying it will start producing heat. Wishful thinking, kitteh.

I met with the principal this morning and, well, I left with some work to do. I did submit an e-mail to her and the top HR lady asking them to consider me as a candidate for the position, but the principal basically hinted she wanted some sort of indication as to what my long-term plans are, for both the school and myself career-wise. I don't know if they just assume that anybody not married yet is going to up and leave them in a matter of months, as my predecessor did, or what. So, anyway, I told her I would provide her with a personal statement about my plans for the library and myself professionally, "if elected."

There's a general outline done for said statement, but I think that's as far as I will get tonight. I managed to take about a half-hour nap after not sleeping very well for the last several days. Stress will do that to a person. I don't like that I have to jump through hoops; haven't I proven myself well enough so far? I also don't like that I keep being advised not to put all my eggs in one basket. . . which means starting up the whole job search process again. [Insert bad language here.]

It all adds up to nothing, then. No real progress. I mean, let's face it--in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, what I've been doing for the past year doesn't count towards getting the next level of my teaching certificate, because I've been a sub.

I don't really have anyone to talk to about it and that's frustrating as well. I tried to explain the situation to my mom, and she just kept repeating, "Well, go fill out the application, then." There's no application. I don't know what they want from me just yet. They have all my stuff on file because they hired me last year. Arrrrgh.

So. . . no real progress.

And what was the playoff game's score tonight? Oh, that's right--Flyers 4, Bruins nothing.

Just had to get a bit of Philly pride in there. Ooh! and my sister alerted me that Hoagiefest is coming back! Yay!


Dave E. said…
Ah, our cold front made it out east. Enjoy, I guess. :)

The good news on the job front is that the position is apparently open instead of being eliminated. I can see how it's disappointing to not be automatically selected to fill it, but some of that may be due to the circumstances that led to it being open in the first place, and some of it may be just following a rigid hiring process. What about talking to that well respected prof you know?
ccr in MA said…
Yes, your Flyers played like they wanted to win, my Bruins like they didn't much care. Or know what to do. Tomorrow might be interesting (I hope).

The weather is cold here too, after a brief flirtation with warmth a week ago. I cast a wistful glance at my shorts as I layered up yesterday.

The job thing sucks mightily, no two ways about it. I would be tempted to write a "true" summary of my feelings, not to turn it in but just to have expressed it. Might be fun?
Annie Coe said…
Sorry that you seem to be feeling a bit down, I hope the job thing works out for you, don't give up!
I hope the painting will cheer you up when it arrives, shipping it out tomorrow.
Hope it warms up...xoxo
Kate P said…
Dave--you probably are right on both accounts. And yes, I do have to check in with some people. I saw one of my mentors this past weekend and I should touch base with the other one. Maybe Prof. (Dr.) D, too.

CCR--I was wondering if the Flyers played a little too hard; wouldn't want them to wear themselves out for the next game. I did have fun texting my sister who can't get the game down south.
Kate P said…
Annie--thank you! I can hardly wait for the lovely painting to arrive!!!

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