Oh, It's Just Another Day in My Life

1. Woke up to cat-barf-o-rama. (Which explains the weird behavior but my gosh does this always have to be the only option for conclusion?)

2. Cleaned everything up and got to school as fast as I could. Found an observation report in my mailbox. A report on an unannounced, performed-in-secret observation that happened last week during the afternoon following the second round of 8th grade visits. Not exactly a fair picture of what I do in the library, and there was a remark about how I wasn't interacting with the students enough, so I was pretty freaked. Every little thing I do wrong could cost me the job.

3. And sure enough there's a request for a post-observation conference in my e-mail in-box. My co-librarian assured me that I was reading too much into the remark--and she agreed with me that part of it was just the timing of it. (We don't get formal prep periods like teachers do, and she opined that administrators forget that fact sometimes. Sue us if we take a few minutes to talk to our aide about how the 8th grade visits went.)

4. Read #4 in the Scott Pilgrim series while I ate my lunch. That was a nice time-out.

5. I rocked the research with the European and U.S. History classes, and held a student's hand as he used the copier for the first time.

6. Said what I could at the conference. I just keep coming away with the feeling that everyone expected me to revolutionize the library. . . so I have to ask, how the #^%! was I supposed to do that when all year I was "just a long-term sub"? They wouldn't even give me administrative authority on the printer queues, for frig's sake!

7. Had pretty much the same conference with my co-librarian. She gets it. She'd like me to stay--revealed the district isn't known for hiring long-term subs permanently--but is resigned more or less to whatever they want to do. She's almost used to the revolving door that's been there the past few years.

8. Worked out tomorrow's computer lab schedule, went grocery shopping, came home. Did some cleaning up so maintenance can come look at dining room AC that won't produce cold air. Washed the (already rinsed) stuff that got hit with barf.

9. Just finished a conference call about my side job, wrote out my rent check and a check for a dinner I got talked into attending on Thursday for school (good PR move I hope). Gotta go make a sandwich, finish cleaning, and go to bed.

Yup, just another day. At least it's never dull!

(That said, I could do without the barf.)


Dave E. said…
(That said, I could do without the barf.)

Hope that took care of it at least.

Sammy didn't barf that often, but when she did she was all ashamed. I think that's the only thing that would shame her. She just pretended when I busted her doing anything else.

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