Let the Catching-up Begin

1. Sleep. laundry, dishes. Probably not in that order.

2. Those "Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything" Questions.

3. This movie and then that movie. (Let's hear it for the public library--2 for 2 on locating older movies.)

4. A few family members on Sunday.

5. This book (a re-read) for the school book club on Thursday.

6. Job applications and touching base with Dr. Red.

7. More worrying about #6, because I simply did not do enough worrying during the week. I guess it's safe to mention I have a (reluctant) interview next Friday, for a middle school library. It's a hike from where I live, and the enthusiastic person arranging the interview responded to my "What do I need to bring?" question with "Anything that will make you shine!"

I'm thinking spray tan with glitter. Jazz up my interview suit a bit.


Angela Noelle said…
Ha! Good luck with the interview! The glitter certainly would make you stand out in their memories...
ccr in MA said…
Having seen neither movie, nor read that book, all I can give you is best wishes and good karma for Friday.

Glitter is good. Or perhaps a lantern?

Crossed fingers!
Amy Giglio said…
The interview would make you stand out, just not in a good way.

And I love that book. Then, I love everything that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote. I even read (and own) "The Last Tycoon." Wish he had finished it before he died. Such a tragic life...
Anonymous said…
Yesterday at church, almost every song we sang had the word "shine" in it. At one point I looked down to see shimmer on my hands. Apparently my bronzer has glitter in it. I nearly giggled.
Good luck on the interview.
Kate P said…
I just have to say--you all are so sweet and really cracked me up. I promise I'll have an interview update ASAP.

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