On the Positive Side

At one point during the day today, some stealthy student kept leaving typed notes across my keyboard every time I got up to help a history student find books.

The first one was not punctuated and said something to the effect of "We know you like cats so you should go to this site," with a URL below that, and then another sentence stating it was legit and not blocked by the district filter (v. important).

I laughed at that one but put it aside.

The second (better written) message that appeared assured me I would love it.

I showed my co-librarian the notes and she agreed that was cute. So I went back to my desk and tried the URL.

And laughed as a rather plump grey-and-white kitteh tried to jump into an appliance box.

I wrote, "Thank you, mysterious fellow cat-lover!" at the bottom of note #2.

When I came back to my desk later, I saw a half-sheet of paper with the question, "Do you like?"

"YES!" I wrote back, with a smiley.

I suspect it was one or two of the girls who were sitting at the table near my desk, because one "meowed" during the next period, but I can't be sure.

Very cute, though.


Angela Noelle said…
Ha! Oh man, that is pretty cute.
Kate P said…
Some of those cats are just crazy.

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