The Final Days of 12th Grade

The seniors at my school do about a month of internship starting next week, so these are pretty much their last days of school right now. Last Friday morning, they did their traditional senior prank --this year it was to put out all the lights in the library and have a (five minute) rave with glow sticks that was more like a flash mob. . . please let that be the first and only prank for them.

Some are taking AP exams today and tomorrow, but the majority are coasting, which can be troublesome when they want to horse around in the library because they have nothing to do. Meanwhile, I can't hear myself or the ninth grader I'm helping with her bibliography. But for the most part they're good kids.

At one point in the day I'm doing some computer labs scheduling at my desk when I think I'm hearing my name called.

12th grader D: Miss Palomino? [Yes, that's what he calls me, and no, that's not my name.]

Me: Yes, D?

D: Will you come visit me when I'm away at college?

Me: Where are you going?

D: Maryland.

Me: If I'm in the area, I'll stop by.

D: All right!

Me: I'm not buying you any alcohol, though. [Said with a smile.]

D: Awww! [He was laughing. He probably has a fake ID that makes him older than me, anyway.]

After lunch, another senior asked me if the library had old yearbooks. He was looking for his dad. I pulled a few from the '70s, and pretty soon I had a crowd of six or seven 12th grade boys gathered around, looking at the yearbooks and getting the biggest kick out of the fashion and what the popular clubs were at the time. The Women's Lib club had six students in the picture. I didn't get a close enough look, but I'm guessing it was five ladies and one guy who thought he could score points for being a sensitive champion of equal rights for women.

It was pretty cool when one of the boys said, "I guess thirty-some years from now, our kids will be looking at our yearbooks and saying the same things."

Those kids are all right.


Dave E. said…
haha..that last boy has some vision. Seriously.
Kate P said…
Considering many of the parents in this community are high-powered attorneys, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, etc.--it's probably in his blood.

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