VIMs (Very Important Memos) from the Desk of Kate P

To the Property Manager Above the Community Manager
Re: New Landscaping

You will be hearing from me shortly about the lack of any type of screening shrubbery in front of my patio. I know grass is easier to maintain, but I would like more of a boundary to put some space between my patio and the kids playing outside, the people who like to park in the fire lane "just to run in for a minute" (anywhere from three hours to overnight until someone asks the police come by to ticket), and the outside environment in general.

I'm contacting you because after posing the question about whether the bushes they ripped out in December were being replaced to the Community Manager, I received a fairly flip voicemail message telling me that I "might have noticed they were making things a little more uniform in front of the buildings" and that she hoped I was "happy with it." What part of "Will the bushes be coming back?" indicates I am happy with it!?

To the Nagging Voice in the Back of My Head
Re: Submission of Paperwork Expressing Interest in Being Hired at School Next Year

Shut up! I did not forget to sign my name, and there are no typos. You hear me? Everything looked great and they will be impressed.

To the Four Loads of Laundry I Washed and Neatly Folded Yesterday
Re: Sitting in the Laundry Basket

Please get up and put yourselves away. I am very tired after hauling you back here from my parents' house.

To Peter Bognanni and John Green
Re: The Books of Yours that I Am Reading (and Listening)

I am really enjoying them and I can't wait to talk more about them when I finish. Which I am rushing to do before they are due back at the library.

To My Blogreaders
Re: It's Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything Time Again + Giveaway!

This is my 500th post. WOW!!! It took me a year and a half, but here we are! This blog has covered three jobs, grad school, two apartments, many movies and many more books, cat antics, and some lovely maiden moments (with and without really bad dates).

Some of you regular readers know it's time for yet another edition of Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything.

Here's the deal: From now until Friday at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern), you the blogreaders can post a question here in the combox or e-mail a question to me (see sidebar for address). Anything relating to me or about me or anything I've talked about on this blog, or whatever. The usual rules of decency and confidentiality (e.g. no asking me stuff like what my real name is, or where I live, or what am I wearing--ew!) apply.

I will answer every question over (most likely) a couple of posts. Asking a question (or two or three) will get you a raffle entry into a giveaway for a surprise treat!

Past questions to intrigue and inspire you: Here, here, here, and here

I especially want to hear from at least one lurker! You know you want to join in the fun!


Amy Giglio said…
If you were going to give the commencement address at the high school where you work, what would you say?
Dave E. said…
Since it's the season, what's your take on gardening/and or houseplants? Is it something you like to do, or is it more to be avoided? And if it is something you like to do, what would be your dream garden?
Kate P said…
I am loving these questions!
Pammy pam said…
Did you ever have to read Beowulf in Old English? And can you quote the first 12 lines?
ccr in MA said…
I'm so late in commenting, I should probably ask how strongly you feel about deadlines! And Pammy pam's question makes me wonder about the Canterbury Tales, too.

But really, what I want to ask is, do you ever find yourself imagining how you'll blog about something as soon as it happens?

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