Naval-Gazing, Kitty-Style

No, it's not a misspelling (CCR, stop twitching--and put down that red pen!). Via my mom, secondhand from my aunt (yes, that aunt who BTW possibly might come for Easter dinner. Hide me):

Cats in the Sea Services

We are thinking positive thoughts and asking St. Francis' intercession for CCR's Carlos, a very sweet and handsome kitty (on the right here), that all will be well with him.


ccr in MA said…
Hey, I barely twitched! Those are some cute cats in uniform.

Thank you for thinking of Carlos. I am doing okay waiting for the ultrasound, repeating "he'll be fine" a lot.

Good luck with That Aunt. Sometime I'll have to tell you about my own "aunt I don't want to become".
Dave E. said…
Great photos at the link. I didn't know that cats and the navy had such a history.

Good luck with Carlos, CCR.

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